Saturday, 7 December 2013


drawing opposite Houses of parliament with the Topolski 6

It was a blustery day inside and outside of parliament the day we drew in the Commons.
It was the Monday following the weekend hurricane.  We made our way from Surrey Quays to Waterloo on the high speed ferry. The pilots ok'd us drawing from the stern of the ferry but as soon as we laid out our 30 foot roll of paper they weren't so happy. Tourists insisted on walking across the paper. I had to abandon the panoramic drawing and stick to more traditional sketching. The residents who managed to brave the storm produced some great drawings facilitated by the bucking ferry.

We shortly arrived on the southbank opposite the Houses of Parliament. This time the 30 foot roll of paper stayed firmly in place on the flagstones assisted by a whole roll of duck tape.  The low  parapet wall made it difficult to see the opposite bank whilst drawing so a couple of the residents attached charcoal to an umbrella and a tree branch which had been blown off in the hurricane.

Following a complete downpour we arrived at security in the Houses of Parliament.
Two hours later and several confiscations of pointy drawing implements we were allowed through into the public gallery.

Drawing felt strangely dislocated due to being right up in the gods behind bullet proof glass. Interesting to see Cameron, Hague, Pickles et al in the flesh. The atmosphere seemed more like a sixth form common room. Interesting to see the procession before hand, quite Pythonesque.

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