Friday, 20 December 2013

Drawing with the residents at FareShare in Bermondsey

The Warehouse

 Pallet of boxes of tomatoes on racks.

Matt Booker drawing at FareShare
Alex Nicholson drawing

The Warehouse

We made drawings  at Fare Share in London

FareShare is a national UK charity supporting communities to relieve food poverty and is at the centre of two of the most urgent issues that face the UK: food poverty and food waste.

Fare Share has been operating since 2004 as an independent charity and today has 17 locations around the UK. Established in 1994 as a project within the homelessness charity Crisis, FareShare aims to help vulnerable groups, whether they are homeless, elderly, children, or other groups in food poverty within our communities.

  • In 2012/13, the food redistributed by FareShare contributed towards more than 10 million meals
  • The FareShare Community Food Network has over 1,000 Community Members across the UK receiving food, training and advice
  • Every day an average of 51,000 people benefit from the service FareShare provides

Much of the food would have  been previously destined for land fill. Products which are perfectly usable rejected by supermarkets due to forecasting errors, mis labelling, short dates, no sale, or minor damage.

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