Sunday, 22 December 2013

last drawing and filming day london

China Town

Oxford Street

From Trafalgar Square

last week we put in an extra drawing and filming day with 3 of the residents, Alex, louis and Chloe, with Alistair filming and Josh on sound.

We met up at the Topolski bar at the site where it all began nearly two years ago.
We began by drawing a series of fast post it note drawings on the north side of the Hungerford Bridge opposite Waterloo.

From there we made our way through Trafalgar Square past various weird  tableaux vivant mainly from star wars  to China Town and Piccadilly Circus.

In China Town we drew quite a crowd, literally by drawing with our feet. The idea was to loosen up by using a non dominant limb and to create some space between the drawee and the sketchbook.
It worked well and  Alistair considered it one of my best drawings. Some of the Public were less impressed, some visibly annoyed. others found it mildly amusing and filmed us filming and drawing. the residents were particularly good at this task.

From there we made our way to Oxford Circus which was manic with xmas shoppers swirling around the circus and disappearing down the plughole of the underground. We were overwhelmed by a montage of logos, branding, typography, backpacks, iphones, cameras, and traffic, an aural and visual sensory overload of out of control unashamed manic consumerism. My viewpoint perched on the top of the underground railing was quite surreal, it was like a scene from Bladerunner. Is this what xmas has come to.

A character high on shopping approached us ranting something about his penis and started biting the microphone, Josh tried to prise his chin off the mic  and he eventually stormed off  into the miasma.

Merry Xmas

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